Thursday, 1 November 2012

Kitchen Essentials

Kitchens Glasgow

When you have a new kitchen fitted, you’ll want new accessories too. Here are some kitchen essentials, some of which are obvious and others you’ll be less familiar with.

The first on our list is the trusty kettle. They come in a range of colours and styles including those that have colour changing lights inside. For a modern look, some people opt for a stainless steel kettle but these are hard to keep clean compared to their plastic equivalents. If you have hard water and your kettles get full of lime scale, it may be a good idea to purchase a cheaper kettle because you will probably have to replace them more often.

Microwaves are a must for a modern kitchen and they too come in a range of styles. You should pick one that is easy to use and lets you accurately put in your cooking time. After all, microwaves are supposed to make life easier not more complicated. Same goes for your toaster, get one that’s simple but stylish. Just make sure that if you’re a fan of bagels that your toaster will be able to accommodate them or else you may need a grill instead/ as well.

Other handy gadgets for your kitchen in Glasgow include magnetic tin openers, that make opening tins safer and easier, and cheese graters with a built in cheese catcher to eliminate mess. If you enjoy a bit of pepper on your dinner you may also want a pepper grinder that grinds your peppercorns for you.  

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